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Title: If it Ever Opened
Martin Lopez, Wesley Nixon, Eli Nixon Mentions of Santana Lopez
Genre/Category:  Hurt/Comfort, Character Death, Trapped, AU - Doppleganger/Twin
Word Count: 1051
Short Summary: 
 Martin and Wes are trapped in a room behind a magical door. There wasn’t anything they could do.

"Someone! Somebody please help us!" Wes banged against the door.

"I thought you were a fucking vampire?!" Martin growled as he rammed his shoulder against the door, in an attempt to get it open.

Wes wasn’t in the mood for this bullshit. How did this happen? How did they end up here? “Aren’t you a fucking werewolf?” Martin glared at his once friend as he continued to bang on the door. The person who’d locked them in there knew exactly what they were doing. They knew exactly how to keep Martin and Wes locked inside the cellar with no hope of getting out. And Wes knew this because it was his brother who’d put him in there. God! Were they stupid?! They should have known better then to trust Eli.

Eli was a demon who’d gone drunk with power had found a way to feed off the energy of witches. Witches like Santana Lopez. “If we don’t get out - he’s going to kill her!” Martin growled as he continued to bang on the door. But Wes had given up. He knew Eli. He knew what he was capable of. He knew that with Wes and Martin locked up - there was no hope for Santana.

But he couldn’t just very well tell Martin that. He needed to but he didn’t think he could. He stepped back and leaned against the wall as he stared at the door. “It’s no use, Martin.” He said as he slid down the wall and drew his knees up. “The wall is magic. Eli must have had a wizard cast a spell. It’s not going to let us out.”

Martin didn’t like that answer. In a flash Martin was in front of him and his hands were at his neck as he lifted him off his feet. “She’s my sister! I’m not going to give up on her.” Martin scowled as he threw Wes against the door. The man fell to the ground with a groan and stood up slowly. “Or I swear to God I will kill you.” Martin said from his side of the room, his fists tightened into a ball and his teeth barred.

The vampire stared at the man across from him. Hard to believe they were lovers just earlier that day. “What do you want me to do? Eli is a demon.”

"He’s your brother! There should have been-"

"There was nothing I could do! I didn’t even know Eli was my brother until today. Until he threw me in this goddamn room. God, Martin! I know you’re angry-"

"I’m pissed! I can’t let him just… kill my sister!"

Wes stared at Martin and stood slowly. “I know you’re pissed but killing me won’t do you any good. And you know that.” Martin could feel tears in his eyes because he knew it was true. But the werewolf blood that ran through his veins made him hot headed. Wes couldn’t believe he had a brother. A fraternal twin fucking brother, but when Wes stared into Eli’s cold eyes before he was tricked into this room there was a sense of familiarity. That they were related. 

And Wes had to keep asking himself how the hell this happened? How did Eli find out about Santana? He stepped towards Martin and placed his hands on his cheeks. No words came out though. There wasn’t anything Wes could say that was comforting and wasn’t a lie. Suddenly there was a sharp pang the middle of his back as he fell to his knees.

"Wes!" Martin said as he caught the man who started to crumble at his knees. When Wes looked up at the werewolf, Martin could see his eyes had gone completely black. He didn’t understand what was happening. Was he going to lose Santana and Wes? “Wes! Wes, what’s happening? Talk to me.”

But the man was just staring blankly back. 


"Give it up Witch, you’re magic is useless against me." Eli sneered with pure amusement on his face. Santana waved her hand and used her power of telekinesis to throw anything in his path as she ran down the alleyway. She was a fighter, she’d been fighting Eli for hours - but her energy was low and just from that stupid smug look on his face, she knew he was going to back down. "No one’s going to save you."


 The words Eli were saying came from Wes’s mouth as Martin had set him down to sit against the wall. His eyes widened as he realized what was happening. He ran into the door again hoping to break it down. “Tana! Santana!” He yelled as he continued to bang on the door. “Fuck, Santana!”

He screamed and banged on the door. His attention turned back to Wes who’d gone back to normal and had collapsed from the power of what happened. “Wes! What happened?” But when he pulled Wes into a sitting position there were tears streaming down his face. His face was hard and neutral, but his eyes that were once black were back to normal and filled with sorrow. Martin had to stare at him for a moment to try and understand what was happening.

It wasn’t until a second later it hit him. “No.” He said shaking his head as he fell backwards and pushed himself to the opposite side of the room.

"Martin, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry." Wes repeated over and over again as he crawled over to the man who was openly weeping and repeating no to himself. Wes made a move to place his hands on his cheeks, but Martin was swatting him away.

"She’s not- No! No! I refuse to-" But he was crying so hard nothing he said was making sense. He let his body go as Wes held him close. He muttered his apologies over and over again, doing his best to banish the images he saw in his head. He rocked Martin slowly knowing that they both had plans for Eli when the door would open - if it ever opened.

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