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Hi Mike,

I wanted to say congratulations. I’m really happy for you and Rachel. And I’m so happy things finally worked itself out.

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Like I said, if you’re lucky. Teehee.

Just kidding. You probably don’t need to be lucky. I’ll put it on for you anyway because I’ll do anything for you too! :D


Always turn me on :p


Awwww, I love you :D

Hmm, that sounds like a pretty decent deal. Maybe we can arrange for that to happen one day, we’ll see. If you’re lucky…..heheheheheh :3

Hehehe I love you too :D

Oh… oh dear lord…I would do almost anything for you in that outfit. Hot girlfriend/wife is hot.


Yeah, I know what you mean. And of course I remember. That was a crazy night but I’m just glad everything worked out. Everyone’s happy right now and it makes me happy. 

Haha, would you really? I wouldn’t want you going to all that trouble though. I’m more than happy to see them every once in a while for the special occasion. 

And a happy Susan means a happy Davlin. <33

I would do anything for you Brittany. And wearing a suit for you doesn’t seem like a big of a deal. I’ll wear it if you wear your Christmas outfit even if it’s not Christmas. :D


So am I. Isn’t it so cute though? Even though so much happened between them they still ended up together again and now they’re getting married. flkjsdfsdjf I love happy endings.

Yes you do and I love it when that time comes around. Seriously, any excuse to see you in a suit.

I know. I’m just- I remember how hard Rachel was taking before, and it’s just. I’m really happy for her. I mean Mike too obviously XD - but… do you remember the season three finale? I just-yeah.

Hehe. You’re so silly. You should just tell me and I’d dress in a suit for you whenever.


Hehehe I know, I know.

Yes that is so. You just look really good and aksjdklfjsd :3 Just really good.

I’m happy for them though. 

:’33 Stahp that. I dress up every time the robotics team has a match tho.



Also my excuse to see you all spiffy and handsome and all suited up!

I’m so happy for them. It’s about time - I MEAN :| hehehe

Oh, is that so?


I’m so in love with you too :3

And fasjdfkljasdfj REALLY!? OH MY GOD KSDJFKSJ!

I would hope so - we’d have a problem with baby brittlins

I KNOW! I was excited too! Cherry wedding :3


Hahaha yes I’m sure. Believe me, I’m sure. I’m ready and I want this and faljsdfkjds I really want a family :3

You’re just… you’re perfect. And I’m so in love with you. 

OH! Did you hear Mike proposed! :DD


I can’t guarantee that… but I’m just excited at the idea that they’re going to look like mini you and me.

And you’re sure, right? I mean if you’re not ready - I’ll understand.